Atmosphere | PLGrid

Atmosphere is a service for users who would like to publish their own scientific applications using the cloud technology. The platform enables any type of application to be provisioned to all PL-Grid users. The use of virtualization technology permits each user to work in their own separated space, ensuring protection of important user data.

The most notable features of the Atmosphere platform are:

  • complete freedom for application publishers (own virtual space, own self-contained data environment, root access)
  • dynamic, automatic scaling of deployed application on the basis of active traffic and load monitoring
  • access to a powerful computing environment backed by the PL-Grid Infrastructure
  • ability to deploy private application instances, invisible to all other users, for sensitive data analysis

If you wish to use the Atmosphere platform, you will need to:

  1. obtain your own PL-Grid account - please use the registration feature in the PL-Grid Portal
  2. activate the Cloud 2.0 service inside the Portal (once you log into your new account), using the 'Moje konto' tab
  3. click the button displayed in the right-hand panel in order to log into the service using the same login and password you have chosen for your PL-Grid Portal account.

For further information on how to use this service, please read the user's manual. In case of any problems, please use the the HelpDesk system and report the issue using the Cloud queue.